What is Delta-8?

People seem to be throwing Delta-8 around like it is the best thing since sliced bread, but what even is it, and is there any difference from traditional Delta-9 THC?

Delta-8 and Delta-9 may be very similar and come from the same plant, but they are different, and that becomes important when we look at how people are buying and selling it in a country like the United States, where cannabis laws can differ from state to state.

Delta-8 in a nutshell

Most THC is derived from the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a cannabinoid that makes up Cannabis. THC or Delta-9 is how people commonly get the “high” feeling most people associate with Cannabis. Delta-8 is very similar to Delta-9, as it is also a cannabinoid that can make up cannabis, but the biggest difference is that it has a much less potent “high” feeling compared to Delta-9. 

While THC most commonly refers to Delta-9, the term can actually mean both Delta-8 and Delta-9. Delta-8 exists in cannabis naturally as a cannabinoid, typically in low amounts, so there hasn’t been that much discussion around it. However, that is beginning to change with new extraction techniques that allow hemp to be converted into Delta-8.

Other benefits of Delta-8

Of course, Delta-8 is a cannabinoid, so the exact feelings that users may feel can vary. Here are a few of the reported symptoms of people who have tried a Delta-8 product.

  • Creates a relaxed feeling
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased energy
  • Clear Minded
  • Help control anxiety

Why are people so interested?

Many people are not interested in the intense high that Delta-9 can bring with it. Traditional THC can be overpowering to people and have adverse effects on people who might be too sensitive to the cannabinoid. Delta-8 offers a much less powerful alternative, at least in the “high” feeling that people normally associate with cannabis. 

The other draw that people have towards Delta-8 is that it is currently in unfamiliar territory, as far as the law is concerned. Specifically in the United States, the 2018 Farm Bill states that hemp and all its derivatives are considered legal products. This means that, even though Delta-8 doesn’t get a user high like Delta-9, it is becoming a more viable option for people to get similar feelings while staying within the law’s restrictions. At least, that’s what the argument is.

So is it legal?

Here is where things get a little complicated. The Delta-8 legality in non-legal states is a point of contention. The main sticking point is that the Delta-8 products need to be converted from hemp and not cannabis products; however, there are lots of retailers selling Delta-8 from synthetically altered cannabis at the moment, which doesn’t technically fall within the law. 

There might be a future bill that passes that prevents those specific products from being sold, but the hemp derived Delta-8 products are completely legal. The good news is that Delta-8 is legal when it is made from hemp, but there might come a time where it becomes more difficult to obtain while people alter their manufacturing methods.

Final Thoughts

Delta-8 is a great alternative for people who want more of the traditional cannabis feeling but don’t want anything as intense. The cannabinoid can help bring peace of mind and a less intense high while being legal within the United States. It can make a huge difference in some people’s lives if used properly. Hopefully, now you can begin to try out some Delta-8 products for yourself and maybe even change up your own preference in cannabis/hemp products.