Medical Cannabis and COVID-19

COVID-19 has altered how we live our daily lives, at least for the time being. During this period, scientists have been exploring how COVID may affect people who smoke cannabis, as well as how cannabis may affect the body’s response to the COVID. There are some interesting developments on the subject, and it might change how we treat certain illnesses down the line.

Cannabis’s effect on COVID

How Cannabis affects the body will depend on the type of cannabinoids that are present. According to a recent study, there is potential in various treatment plans with “Cannabis compounds” like “CBD, CBG, and THCV,” which may help in reducing inflammation in the lungs. COVID-19 can affect quite a bit in your body, from your brain to your heart, but the lungs appear to be the most susceptible to infection to the virus. If cannabis can make a difference in reducing the difficulty of breathing for virus patients, it could be significantly helpful in preserving people’s lives with the virus.

Can Medical Cannabis Help with COVID?

There is currently research being done into cannabis terpenes that has been effective in treating viral infections. The specific formulation that is being designed for this treatment is meant to be inhaled by the user. While this specific formation is still being tested and perfected for its highly effective anti-inflammatory and antiviral benefits, there are other ways that you can use medical cannabis to deal with COVID.

However, there are specific symptoms from COVID that make it difficult to live your daily life. For instance, it is common for people to lose their sense of taste and smell after contracting the virus. If you have ever had a bad head cold, you may have realized how little you wanted to eat since all the positive sensation was taken away. While inhaling cannabis during or directly after having the virus is not recommended since it targets an individual’s lungs, edibles might be a great way to help combat loss of appetite. 

In fact, there is research that supports that cancer patients who have lost their sense of taste were able to partially regain it after consuming cannabis. That is significant since the after-effects of COVID in relation to loss of taste and smell have been documented to last as long as six months. If everything begins to taste like cardboard, it will become easy to forget to eat, and malnutrition and weight loss begin to become a problem.

Even if you haven’t had COVID, there are new vaccines that are being distributed all over the world. Not everyone can handle vaccines well and some people might have more pain related to the jab than others. A great way to help manage the achy pain from the jab is to get some CBD cream for the recently jabbed location. Put some on before bed, and you should begin to feel the ache slowly fade.

Final Thoughts

COVID can cause a lot of issues for people with compromised immune systems, heart conditions, and lung problems; however, there are ways to deal with some of the less severe problems associated with the virus with medical cannabis. However, make sure you aren’t trying to inhale smoke while you have COVID. The virus makes smoking much more problematic during infection, so it is best to stick to edibles or topicals until you are better. 


While the effects of the special strain of cannabis for viral infections won’t be ready by the time most of the world has been vaccinated, there is hope that in the future, it might come in handy for a different disease. Or just for that next common virus you get from work.