Cannacist is a mobile application that provides access to research-based information and medical professionals so that those using cannabis and CBD can make more effective health management decisions.


Cannalyzer is a research-backed algorithm developed with the help of researchers and physicians from Harvard, Yale, and other leading universities and institutions to provide instant, individualized, and up-to-date cannabinoid and terpene suggestions for your unique needs

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Virtual Consultations

Connect with doctors and industry experts to get your questions answered

Deals and Products

Find great products and deals near you based on your cannabinoid and terpene needs.

All the information you'll need, all in one place.


Identify which cannabinoids and terpenes might be right for your individual needs.

Virtual Consultations

Connect with physicians, consultants, and industry experts to get your questions answered from the comfort of your home. Chat, calling, and video features to provide you with ongoing help.


Find doctors and clinics near you to discuss your medical needs and obtain an MMJ card.

MMJ Card

Securely store your medical cannabis card so you can access it at the doctor or in a dispensary when you need to.


Discover local deals and save money on various cannabis products.


Locate nearby stores offering cannabis-related products, including dispensaries, grow stores, CBD stores, and headshops.


Access medical information about products that might be right for you. Identify pricing, deals, and storefronts offering the product.


Catch up on the latest industry news, including information on a variety of industry topics such as regulations, research, applications, legal implications and medicinal benefits.

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